The hostel facility at present is available fr class VI onward for boys only. The students are placed in dormitories in accordance to their class. A prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to in order to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healty routine for lifetime

Computer Lab

In Connection of the technological progress of today, the knowledge of computer is necessary. The well equipped computer lab is furnished with 50 computers. The school prepares each child to face todays Hi-Tech world of Computers


To enchance the learning ability and skill and impart practical expsure about theoritical concepts, the schools has a large number of mordern laboratory systems for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.


The Library offers a range of resources to our students. These resources are provided to cater the specific academic needs of the students. The Library have a well selected collections of Books, Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers, New Additions are constantly made in order to keep the library closing of the latest


The school provides the transport on all routes. Transport of children will be responsibility of individual parents